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The ISJO is conmmitted to working with its member Councils to enhance their strategic capacity. Its objective in this regard is:

To place emphasis on the design and enhancement of mutually beneficial policies, processes and procedures across member Councils and in collaboration with other regional entities and agencies where appropriate.

It is also committed to delivering some services direct to the the region's communities on behalf of the Councils when there is an evidence base and agreement for this. Its objective in this regard is:

To meet major identified regional needs with agreed regional local government led programs and projects.

Currently, the service that ISJO delivers direct to the community on behalf of member councils is the Illawarra District Weeds Authority.


In addition, a number of ISJO programs and projects are in operation which employ specialist staff or are being undertaken by consultants. Both the programs and projects can involve resource sharing or joint venture operations, funded programs we host for other spheres of government or one-off joint initiatives identified by the member Councils. See Cross Council Programs for more information.


The ISJO continues to maintain a number of council staff Committees which meet regularly to manage initiatives, exchange information on best practice, identify new joint initiatives and provide advice to the Board. See Cross Council Working Groups for a current list.

For further information about how projects or programs can be undertaken in the region please contact ISJO.