Plans & Weeds Resources

Plans & weeds resources can be obtained below or by clicking on your area of interest.

The Pesticide Notification Plan informs the public about the IDWA use of Pesticides in public places. Giving people notice about pesticide use lets them reduce their contact with pesticides, if they wish. Pesticides include herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, fumigants, bactericides, rodenticides, baits, lures, repellents and pesticides used on animals to control external parasites.

South East Regional Strategic Weed Management Plan (RSWMP) outlines strategic actions to guide collaborative weed management, resource allocation and investment in the South East region, providing a consistent basis for planning and delivery. The RSWMP plays an important role in articulating the shared responsibility principle of the Biosecurity Act 2015 to all stakeholders and the wider community.

IDWA Weed Control Policy and Management Plan 2018-2023 provides a framework for dealing with weeds biosecurity risk in the community and ensure compliance with legislation. The plan provides guidance as to how each priority weed needs to be managed and the expected outcomes needed to ensure landholders meet their obligations and responsibilities.


NSW Weed Control Handbook - This handbook has been compiled as a guide for priority and invasive weed control in non-crop, aquatic and bushland situations.

NSW DPI Weedwise Weed ID - NSW DPI has developed a comprehensive weed ID database:

NSW Biosecurity Strategy 2013-2021 - Outlines how government, industry and the community need to work together to identify, minimise, respond to and manage biosecurity risks. It aims to highlight the importance of biosecurity for NSW and identifies the objectives that need to be pursued in the implementation of the Strategy.

NSW Invasive Species Plan 2018-2021 - Supports the NSW Biosecurity Strategy and identifies key deliverables to help prevent new weed incursions, eliminate or contain existing populations and effectively manage already widespread invasive weed species.

Rural Living Handbook - This handbook has been compiled as a guide to assist with buying and managing a rural property as well as advising on the risks and responsibilities that come with owning rural land.