Sanitary Services

Contract Register

Contract Number

IPJO 05/16

Contract Description

Provision of Sanitary & Nappy Disposal and Cleaning Services


Flick Anticimex Pty Ltd

Address of Contractor

2/15 Miall Way, Albion Park Rail

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Standard Provisions for Variation

The Contract sets out a procedure for the giving of Variation Orders to the Contractor which may either reduce or add to the contract value and the method by which the value of deletions or additions to the contract are costed. Such a Variation Order must be given to the Contractor in writing.

Method of Tendering

Expression of Interest

Provisions for Renegotiation


Provision for Operational or Maintenance Services

The contract provides for on-going payment by Council to the Contractor for operational and/or maintenance services

Evaluation Criteria

Demonstrated knowledge and experience

Resources, capacity and capability

Key personnel