Coordinated Effort to Target Rogue Waste Transporters

‘Operation Rubble’ – a coordinated effort to tackle illegal waste dumping across NSW has stopped rogue operators in their tracks. 

The ISJO’s Regional Illegal Dumping (RID) program worked with the NSW EPA, RMS, Police and local councils to target illegal operators.  Waste transport vehicles were stopped and checked that they were complying with waste transport and disposal laws, as well as vehicle and road safety compliance.

During the state-wide operation:

  • 531 heavy vehicles were stopped
  • 130 RMS defect notices were issued
  • 31 NSW Police infringement notices were issued
  • 4 trucks carrying loads of waste to unlawful sites were redirected to lawful facilities
  • 22 RID penalty notices totalling $16,447 were issued for offences including uncovered loads and allowing waste to escape onto the road

This operation has helped stop contaminated and other non-compliant material from being dumped illegally or passed off as clean fill to unsuspecting land owners.  It has also sent a very strong message that any behaviour which puts the community or environment at risk will not be tolerated.

It is an offence to transport waste to a place that cannot lawfully receive it. If you suspect someone is doing the wrong thing, report it to your local council or online at

For more information, visit the EPA website and search ‘Illegal Dumping’

Operation Rubble