Waste Avoidance

Lounge processing trial

A trial was undertaken with Shoalhaven City Council to see how long it would take to accumulate 300 lounges and then to assess the best way to break them down and divert them from the landfill stream. The lounges were either brought in by residents to one of 3 facilities or collected through the booked green and bulky collection.

The 300 lounges were collected over just a 3 week period with no advertising. 

Processing the lounges with a shredder and then compaction meant that the 300m3 of lounges were converted into 19m3 which allowed the lounges to be transported and diverted from landfill by converting them into an engineered fuel alternative.  

The trial showed that there are great opportuities for bulky waste diversion from landfill. Through future work we hope to explore innovative solutions to other problem wastes.

Turning waste into a process engineered fuel at the Resource Co facility, Weatherill Park. 

20180712 104901 ResourceCo Transforming Waste into Altenative Energy Sources